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Welcome to Switchit4u, where comparing is easy. Our service is independent and impartial. It’s all about saving you money. We list all the suppliers in the UK on our Energy calculator, giving you a true comparison; So don’t delay save today.

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At, we aim to save you money where ever we can. is an independent and impartial online service that helps you make the right choices for your energy, insurance and financial needs.

We have built a range of comparison tools to help you find what you are looking for, which is the deal that is right 4U. You will also get advice from our experts so you know that you can be confident of getting the very best deals.

Based on your personal preferences, all our services are designed to help you get to the right decisions, quickly and easily. Once you have made your choices you will, in most cases, be able to apply online in a totally secure environment.

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Use our service to find out how much you could save on gas and electricity for your home or business. Compare more than 10,000 tariffs from all licensed suppliers. Our UK-based call centre staff are trained to help you with expert advice. Call us today 0208 702 0698 or click on the business compare button above and reduce your monthly bills.

Why should I switch energy suppliers?

Switchit4u has made it easy for consumers in the UK to switch their gas and electricity suppliers. The best deals offer significant savings, and shopping around with our independent and impartial energy calculator will help you find out how much you could save.

What do I need to switch energy suppliers?

Tell us your postcode, the name of your curent energy suppliers and how much you use a on your energy over the year, if you pay by direct debit, what your monthly amounts are and our energy calculator will work out which energy supplier is the cheapest for you.

What happens after I submit an application?

We will confirm your application by e-mail and forward your details securely to your chosen energy supplier.
Your new enery supplier will start organising the switch and will contact you to confirm when the service will start.

What are the advantages to me?

Switchit4u is independent and impartial, the service we provide is up to date and secure.
Try it for yourself and see. Use our service as often as you like; there is no obligation.

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At we aim to provide our customers with all of the information they need to ensure their premises is an energy efficient as possible. As a one of Ofgem’s accredited sites we are committed to providing useful links to guidance and support. The following sites will provide you with the information you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency: Government energy grants calculatorEnergy Saving Trust and Citizens advice.

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