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Gas and Electricity

Compare electricity and gas prices and suppliers

Switching your gas and electricity is easy with Switchit4u; the first thing to think about is how much money you can save. This could not be easier at Switchit4u - simply compare gas and electricity prices online at and you'll find the cheapest energy plans available right then and there. But will the cheapest plan always be the best choice for you?

Comparing energy prices

When you have compared gas and electricity prices online with Switch it 4u, you may find that you are presented with a new supplier as your cheapest alternative that you may not have heard of, or know very little about. So if price isn't the only reason involved, what else should you think about before you choose a new gas and electricity supplier? You may want to consider before making your decision, just because you have not heard of the supplier does not mean you should stick to what you know because new suppliers create competition and ultimately reduce prices in the long run, don’t forget you can change at any time by giving 28 days notice so you have nothing to loose and every penny to save.

What’s important to you?

When choosing a new electric and gas supplier, price is the most important factor to most of you. To find the cheapest energy supplier for you, compare gas and electricity prices online at If the cheapest price is not the deciding factor in your situation, then it is imperative to think about the terms and conditions of the contract that the energy suppliers are offering you. For instance - are there any penalties for switching away early? Try to keep away from signing up to any contracts that seriously restrict your ability to switch later, unless they are exceptionally a great deal.
Customer services can also be a factor for some customers. A gas and electricity supplier with an efficient customer services team i.e. UK call centre can make a massive difference to your experience with them, and may even help keep your loyalty as a customer.

Find the right gas and electricity supplier for you

Once you have compared gas and electric prices online with, you can also use our comparison service to find out what other people think of your new energy supplier. You'll find a customer review next to each energy supplier, and if you click on this, you can find out in particular what our customers rated the suppliers I.E. Ease of transfer, Tariff pricing, Communication from supplier and quality of information.

How do I find a cheap energy supplier?

With it is simple to find a cheap gas end electric supplier, just enter some information about where you live and how much gas and electric you use, and Switch it 4u will present all the energy options available in your area, all the electricity and gas providers are listed according to the amount of money they will save your household per year. After you find the cheapest energy supplier, it's easy to switch online.

Will a cheaper supplier mean lower service quality?

The electricity and gas comparison calculator will enables you to compare prices and customer satisfaction, both gas and electricity. You will find that all the suppliers have strict compliance and guide lines to follow, set out by Consumer Focus which is designed to make the customer experience when switching as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Switching made simple!

Join hundreds of people who switch energy suppliers every day. Start by comparing gas and electricity suppliers with our easy to use calculator - it's easy for you to use.

Business Electricity and gas prices and suppliers

A major factor for many businesses are those for ever growing business electricity, business gas bills, you can address this concern with the right know how and good research. is the UK’s leading business electricity and gas comparison site; we can save you money by reducing the costs that ‘go out the backdoor’. Business electricity and business gas costs can increase considerably if not managed properly and this is not completely due to increased consumption but also new pricing structures from the suppliers. If you have any questions relating to any aspect of the service we provide please contact us either by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 0800 072 7284. Although it is possible to find suppliers of cheap business electricity and gas by yourself it is usually an overwhelming and painstaking process if you are not fully up to date with the industry. The time you spend trying to find and compare the various business electricity and gas providers can prove to be costly, especially if you can spend your time more productively doing what you do best “running your own business”. Electricity for business is big business and finding a suitable provider can be a potential minefield for the inexperienced, this is where our industry specific knowledge and experience comes into its own. Of course you are in no way obliged to act upon any recommendations but please bear in mind we generally know what sort of approach is needed for an overabundance of different sectors in order to provide best value for money. Again, if you do need any further information and cannot see it detailed on our website please drop us a line and we will endeavour to answer all your questions regardless of what they may be.

Reducing your Costs

Due to the uncertain financial situation every business is looking to cut expenses in some way and a good place to start is looking is at your current business electricity and business gas costs. There are a number of business electric and gas suppliers out there all touting for your business; the hardest part is finding a utility provider that meets your requirements and budget. We do the searching and comparing on your behalf, finding the cheapest business electric prices and comparing business gas prices with other suppliers in the market is time consuming, we have all the latest suppliers’ tariffs and with our unique pricing tool we can find the cheapest energy prices in minutes. If you can find a comprehensive business energy comparison service who offers the same level of service as ourselves we would be extremely surprised. Your confidence in us will be reinforced when we present you with the cheapest business electricity, business gas prices, you will not talk to a machine or wait for a week for someone to get back to you but receive a prompt response from an industry expert almost instantly.

Don’t delay start saving today!

By calling the experts at without delay you can take the first step in making substantial savings on your business electricity and gas prices today. Many people mistakenly delay until their current contract expires, this is a mistake. By looking into the alternatives provided by other business electricity providers in advance you can give yourself a head start in regard to finding the cheapest energy supplier for your business. Many people assume that business electric and gas is something of a ‘one size fits all’ scenario, this could not be further from the truth. Depending on your consumption levels the prices quoted can vary considerably, for example a company with 3000 employees would choose a different business gas electric provider to an SME whose requirements are generally in the small business gas bracket. Whatever your requirements may be, big, small or individual, make sure you do the essential research and make our website your first port of call. Our site is intended to be as user friendly as possible and the information is up to date and accurate. The cheapest business electricity and gas prices and exceptional levels of customer service, could any business ask for much more? Call us today 0800 072 7284 or click on the business compare button above and reduce your monthly bills.

Switching Energy Supplier Made Simple!

You now have the choice at your fingertips to switch to the cheapest gas and electricity supplier in the UK.
Please feel free to compare gas prices and electricity prices in your area. For Business gas prices or Business electricity prices you can get a quote in minutes, just click continue in the box above where it says compare business energy and fill the short form and we will ring you back with the cheapest deal available. If you prefer an instant quote just ring 0161 751 2571,0207 781 6085.
Most companies are being charged over the odds for their business electricity prices and business gas prices because they’re too busy to shop around for the cheapest prices and often need help to switch supplier. Our business is to help your business to save money.

We also have bespoke rates!

• Friendly UK based call centre - no complicated website.
• We compare the best deals in the market and often beat the rates you’d find with direct suppliers.
• Hundreds of businesses use our service every week, each making savings of up to 50% on their bills.
• We deal with the suppliers on your behalf so you don’t have to.
• Trustworthy advice, no obligation, no hard sell.
• Switchit4u for advice you can trust!
  • Hazel Johnstone - ACS Supplies

    Hazel Johnstone - ACS Supplies

    “Switchit4u manage to save me £1,200 on my business energy bills. The process was so easy to complete Alex arrange everything from finding my MPAN number to arranging the switch over date”

    Hazel Johnstone
    ACS Supplies

  • Qasim - Virtualxone

    Qasim - Virtualxone

    “Thank you Switch4u for your excellent service. Managed to save almost £800 pounds on my gas and electricity bills ”

    Director Virtual Xone

  • Elliot Castle

    Elliot Castle

    “Switchit4u provides excellent service for reducing you gas and electricity bills. Simple form with loads of benefits!”

    Elliot Castle
    House Owner

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