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Compare Gas and Electricity Tariffs

Gas & Electricity Tariff Guide:

Capped/fixed Tariffs

Fixed or capped price plans offer a fixed or capped price for a period of time (usually 18 months to 2 years) which may include a small premium on the supplier's standard unit rate.

Dual fuel Tariffs

You could save money by opting to have both your gas and electricity supplied by the same company. Dual fuel deals often offer incentives and reduced prices.

Economy 7 Tariffs

Economy 7 electricity tariffs use different pricing structures according to the time of day. For example, the night rate (usually 1am to 8am) is cheaper than the day rate.

Electricity Tariffs

The average customer can save £80 a year on their electricity bill by switching electricity tariff. Compare electricity tariffs to find out how much you could save.

Gas Tariffs

Browse through the Switchit4u directory to find the gas tariff to suit your budget. The average customer can save £150 a year on their gas bill by switching tariffs.

Green Energy Tariffs

There are many green tariffs available from suppliers who derive part or all of their supplies from renewable green energy sources like wind farms and hydroelectric dams.
  • Hazel Johnstone - ACS Supplies

    Hazel Johnstone - ACS Supplies

    “Switchit4u manage to save me £1,200 on my business energy bills. The process was so easy to complete Alex arrange everything from finding my MPAN number to arranging the switch over date”

    Hazel Johnstone
    ACS Supplies

  • Qasim - Virtualxone

    Qasim - Virtualxone

    “Thank you Switch4u for your excellent service. Managed to save almost £800 pounds on my gas and electricity bills ”

    Director Virtual Xone

  • Elliot Castle

    Elliot Castle

    “Switchit4u provides excellent service for reducing you gas and electricity bills. Simple form with loads of benefits!”

    Elliot Castle
    House Owner

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